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The first & only sea

cucumber extract
skincare in Malaysia

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Sea Cucumber Cream

90% of the ingredients obtained from sea cucumber cream extract.

The first & only sea cucumber extract skincare in Malaysia. One bottle to resolves all your skin problems.

Sea Cucumber Extract

How SC9
can help You ?

18 kinds of Amino Acids
Moisturizing factors supply the skin with moisture, locking moisture and preventing water loss, maintaining moisture inthe skin.

Strong Restorative Ability
Sea cucumbers have cell regenerative properties, able to help repair damaged skin and scars, allowing you to say goodbye to scarred skin.

90% Collagen
Sea cucumber has potentially higher collagen than bird's nest, activating the metabolism of your skin to restore your skin's lustre and increasing the firmness.

Brightening | Tightening | Moisturising | Repairing


Sweet Dream Mask

Rich in hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, mild and non-irritating.

Maintain moisture of easy-to-dry skins to ensure firm and elastic skin at all time.

Hear what

our customers say.

It really works on my skin the result when i wake up in the morning my skin become smooth and soft i really love it ! Thank you @afterday_skincare
Tammy Chan
I’ve been using this product frequently in the past two weeks and I really enjoy its light feel which didn’t make my skin greasy throughout the day! No kidding at all – my skin looks naturally glowing within two weeks.
Anis Lean
For me, working in the aircon room everyday will make my skin dry, i started using this cream for a month now and this sea cucumber cream has helped my skin to be more moisture and more hydrated.
Diana Tsl
My favorite part about this cream is that it is light & grease-free, very refreshing when apply to skin! It’s made from sea cucumber but i promise you the smell is sooo good
Sherlynn foo
After being under the sun all the time, my pores have enlarged and left scars on my skin. Luckily, after discovering afterday pro treatment mask, my skin has seen tremendous improvement
Crystal Tam
The form-fitting mask is very comfortable on my face. And after 3 uses, my face has seen obvious improvement and feels firm and supple. I definitely recommend this product and will certainly buy it again.